What’s Your Motivation?

What motivates you to go to work every day? Most of us work to provide basic necessities for ourselves and our loved ones (money, food, shelter, etc).

I find that taking the same approach to fitness is useful when goal setting and creating motivation with clients. Rather than making a vanity goal (I want to fit into a certain size, I want bigger biceps etc.), I encourage them to begin thinking about the “why” of working out and eating well as no more than a basic necessity, as basic as the need for a roof over one’s head. We eat well and exercise regularly to provide our bodies the tools to fight disease, to keep our hearts healthy, to aid with better sleep, to keep joints and muscles strong as we age, to maintain cognitive function – the list goes on!

Think about how making fitness a priority now will affect your well-being 20, 30, 40 years down the road. So next time you find yourself discouraged, or perhaps you’re feeling lazy, bored or under the weather, consider that a trip to the gym (or a quick run round the block, a hike, etc.) is just one more way to give your body something it fundamentally needs. Seems like the right motivation to me!

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