To Eat Or Not To Eat?

Many foods we see on the shelf down the “healthy” or “all natural” aisle at the grocery store may not be as good for us as the clever packaging promises. Foods labeled as organic upon closer look are usually just “made with organic ingredients” meaning that as long as some of the ingredients are organic (even just a couple out of dozens) they can label the entire product as such. Can we really put our trust and our health in the hands of food companies who’s profit line is most important? Are we getting the truth about what is really in their products or whether or not those products actually have any health benefits? Probably not so it’s up to us to do a little research and use articles like this one to help us put real healthy foods in our shopping cart. A few tips to keep in mind:

Fruit juice is fine in small amounts if we squeeze it ourselves but that stuff in the bottles is packed with sugar to make it taste bettter. The amount of simple sugar in one cup is way more than should be consumed in an entire day! Juicing also takes the fiber out of the fruit. Fiber is the one part of fruit that slows down digestion of the sugars making them less likely to get stored as fat.

Granola clusters would fall apart without one important ingredient, sugar! It may be labeled as cane syrup but it still sugar to the body. Just because it comes from the bulk section at whole foods doesn’t make it healthy. Like the example above, this much sugar at one serving just isn’t good unless your in the middle of a marathon. This same idea applies to granola and protein bars.

Pre-pared salads and deli items may come from a store that sells natural products but you can trust that putting the highest quality most expensive ingredients in your food isn’t part of their plan. Try to find items that have an ingredients list and stay away from ones that have more than 5 or 6 ingredients.

It’s better to eat something with a few more calories you made at home rather than something with a long list of additives.


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