Staying In Your Lane

When you’re new to exercise, it’s difficult to go to the gym and observe people lifting heavy weights, doing nifty tricks on the ball, maxing out speeds on the cardio machines, etc. and to not feel as if you need to try the same thing. This WILL lead to an injury. The people doing such things have most likely been training their bodies for months and years to reach that point. The human body is resilient at bouncing back, but it’s fragile when it comes to pushing too hard, too soon.

In this blog series we’ve discussed the importance of warming up and programming the appropriate exercise for your fitness level. These are the cornerstones of an effective fitness routine. It’s best to have a written plan to take to the gym with you for the first six months. This way you are not taken off track by the desire to keep up with the exercise habits of people who’ve been doing it a lot longer. Going faster and harder is great in the right setting and when it has purpose, but it can set you back if you’re not ready. You WILL get there! But it will be in your individual way and at your individual pace.

Don’t also forget that what may seem like an advanced exercise to the untrained eye, may be poorly executed or just plain wrong! Don’t judge yourself by others at the gym, it is a waste of time and energy.

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