Reps And Sets

How many sets and reps should I do?!! Don’t get discouraged. This is a question people having been debating since weight lifting began. The best answer I can give is that a fitness program should consist of a variety of rep ranges and sets. Your body responds in different ways to different stimuli. No range is more important than another as long as you are going to fatigue.

With a more focused goal like gaining strength it would make sense to put emphasis on the lower rep/higher weight range. The average person looking for general fitness should hit a cross section of high and low ranges in a program.

Good ways of doing this are:

Rotate the rep range with each day you strength train (Monday 5 sets of 5, Wednesday 4 sets of 10, Friday 3 sets of 15)


Do 4-5 exercises (a mix of compound and isolated movements) at low reps/high weight and 4-5 exercises (a mix of compound and isolated movements) at high reps/low weight. Don’t over think it. Lift heavy, lift light, lift consistently and lift carefully.

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