Reasonable Resolutions

Even if the concept of New Year’s resolutions seems overblown to you, using the New Year as a means to implement some better habits can be very helpful. However, when the topic of New Year’s resolutions comes up I always see responses that are too large and non-specific. People feel compelled to share overblown goals this time of year, but it is important to keep reality in mind. Take some time before the end of this year and write down your resolution(s), but also write out the logistics of how you are going to make them happen.

If your goal is weight loss, first of all, ask yourself why. Avoid the obvious and superficial answers, and think about what your doctor may have told you, quality of life, being able to chase around the grandkids, etc. Once you’ve established your motive, create a roadmap. For instance, healthy eating is part of losing weight. Compile some recipes (the internet is a great place to search out healthy alternatives) and put a meal schedule in place. Buy some Tupperware and a cooler to transport food, so you can take premade meals to the office. You can also register on the MyFitnessPal app to better track what you are eating. Put a workout plan into your calendar, blocking out times you plan to exercise, and what you’ll be doing specifically. All of these are tangible details that will contribute to your overall goal.

If this seems too much, then the goal is likely too large! Consider lessening the scope of your goal by simply adopting 1-2 healthier habits, which can be any of those outlined above.

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