Making Time For Fitness

Most of us lead busy lives, as we try to spread time between work, family and fun. Health is not prioritized over other things. And though we may feel fine now, what about in 20 or 30 years when health issues begin to affect our quality of life? Increasingly sedentary lifestyles have long-tem repercussions both mental and physical; therefore it is very important to practice prevention with a daily dose of moderate to strenuous physical activity. Doing so will not only increase our chances of living longer, but also lead to healthier and happier lives overall.

“So how can I make time for fitness?” It’s all about prioritizing and convenience. One has to embrace the idea that physical well being is necessary for a better life. Once you’ve gotten there, take an honest look at your schedule and where fitness will fit in – realistically! Your exercise should fit nicely into your other activities. If there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day, consider cutting down the TV viewing 30 minutes, or getting up 20 minutes earlier. Habits can be made and broken with just a little hard work and change in mindset. Also think about what kind of fitness interests you. It can be almost anything; biking, swimming, horseback riding, martial arts, running, team sports, rowing, the list goes on. That one enjoyable activity may open the door to a lifetime of fitness success.

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