Don’t Be Scared Of Weights!

Clients often come to us with the mindset that lifting heavy weights is only useful for muscle-heads and extreme athletes. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just as regular cardiovascular conditioning is important to offset our more sedentary lifestyles, as is regular heavy weight bearing exercise. When I say heavy I mean a weight that you’d struggle to do more than ten repetitions of. Heavy training will increase bone and muscle density, offset joint pain and arthritic conditions, build more functional core strength, speed up the metabolism, improve cardiovascular health and create a sense of empowerment. So next time you go to the gym and you look at that room full of heavy dumbbells and bars and plates (and maybe even big dudes making way too much noise slamming stuff around) remember this list of benefits and do at least 2-3 different heavy (3-10 reps) of compound exercises. If you need help getting started with correct form and exercise choices, there are lots of online tutorials and people at the gym to help out ( has great video tutorials).

Important note: Always do at least 2 warm up sets in the 15-20 rep range with a lighter weight of your chosen exercise before getting into the heavier weights. I recommend doing 3-6 sets (not including warm-up) on each exercise based on your current fitness level. Start your heavy sets at around 10 reps and add weight on each successive set, until you can only do 3-5 reps on the last set. Have fun!!

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