Condense And Diversify Your Program

Over the last ten years of serious weight training, I’ve repeatedly seen people spend more than 2 hours lifting weights, sometimes only 1 or 2 muscle groups in a single session. I’ve been there – and in the process, wasted many hours of my life! You can accomplish more in 60 minutes (or even 30 in some cases) by doing the most impactful exercises, and not being afraid to get your heart rate up.

Start by picking 2-3 varied compound lifts (dumbbell chest press, barbell squat, and assisted pull up for example), 1-2 core exercises (ball pikes, russian twists), and 1-2 high intensity cardio intervals or plyometrics (box jumps, stair sprints). Either put all these exercises in a row or break them into 2 circuits. Do circuit(s) 3-5 times through at a good pace, making sure to not overuse any one movement. Diversify your routine.

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