Celebrate Your Wins (However Small)

Motivation can be affected when we become consumed with what we haven’t accomplished in a fitness program, and don’t acknowledge the amazing changes that we have already adopted – small changes to eating habits, an extra walk around the block at lunch, etc. The motivation to stick with a fitness routine and healthy lifestyle largely comes from making and celebrating those smaller changes every step of the way.

Keeping a fitness journal for exercise completed, food eaten and a weekly self check-in is a great way to stay accountable, and to acknowledge success when you’ve stayed on track. The check-in can be an overview of how you did with your program during the week, or simply how you’re feeling by the end of the week (tired/energetic, happy/depressed, etc). This way, you can attribute the behaviors and choices from the week to how you’re feeling at its end. It seems simple, but this extra effort will help you see greater and more consistent results.

If you’re having a bad day, week or even month of exercise and diet, remember that you can always start over again at any point. It’s better to finish strong after a slow start than to not try at all! And if you’re doing well and feeling great, pat yourself on the back then strive for more.

Contrary to what most of the fad programs out there say, fitness should be less about the end result and more about adopting a healthy lifestyle, and celebrating the small wins as you go.

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