We are passionate about helping people achieve personal fitness goals and improved quality of life. Our ultimate goal is to see clients complete their training programs, and incorporate the lessons learned into a life-long commitment to staying healthy.

Our clients range from those who are brand new to exercise, to athletes recovering from injuries or looking to improve performance. Whether a client wants to shed a large amount of body weight, or enhance an already active lifestyle, we can help.

Cambio takes a simple approach to exercise programming – with the belief that basic lifestyle adjustments combined with the right strength and cardio routine will yield fantastic results. Because there is no “one size fits all” answer to fitness, each client is worked with individually, and tracked according to their goals and fitness level. Diet and meal planning is a big piece of what we do; we can help put together a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Mike Grbich, CPT
Mike has 20 years of industry experience. He started in commercial gyms, successfully ran Mike G Fitness for 4 years, and opened Cambio Fitness in 2015. Mike is dedicated to helping people to realize their fitness goals and develop a healthier way of life. He takes a practical approach to fitness programming, and believes small changes yield big results.